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Indoor Air Quality

You have probably never realized how important the air in your home is to you and your family’s health. The EPA has carried out research and found that indoor air may actually be 4 to 5 times more polluted than the air that you breathe outdoors. Indoor air quality is also being compromised since modern homes are being built in an airtight way so as to try and conserve energy.

Green Duct Work

If you want to ensure a safe and hygienic ambiance for you and your loved ones at home, then the Green Duct Work offered by Scott’s One Hour Heating and Cleaning are worth opting for. This service has been designed with the sole intention of providing residents with a comfortable indoor ambiance, void of microbes and other hazardous chemicals and pollutants. Our green duct work improves the quality of air within your home, thereby minimizing respiratory problems and allergies.

It has been scientifically proven that the green duct work offered by Scott’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning does not involve the use to formaldehyde which is carcinogenic chemical. We use safe and friendly chemicals that can eliminate mildew, microbes and other small harmful organisms that pollute the air and cause various ailments. You can be assured that the material used to make our duct work is stronger that the regular duct work. This implies that it cannot get damaged easily due to wear and tear and risk the infiltration of hazardous fumes indoors, thereby protecting you and your family at all times.

The fact that the materials we use for green duct work will last for years without any wear and tear ensures you get good value for money. You need not worry about the materials getting damaged due to rust formation and tears. The use of an efficient waterproof barrier and galvanized wire makes sure these wires last for a lifetime. This also implies that you can save on utility bills since the entire system will operate with a higher efficiency.

Hiring the green duct work offered by Scott’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning is also worthwhile since we offer you years of warranty that gives you good value for the money spent.