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No truer love than the love of a pet! A solid companion that places you at the center of their universe without so much as a request.  However, for a person with allergies it could turn into a tragic affair.  Sincerely!  Not being able to co-exist with your beloved pet can be most definitely tragic!  So, this month for Tips and Tricks we wanted to send you some key recommendations to keep your home as dander free as possible and minimize allergens.

What Is Dander? 

A combination of dead skin cells, hair, or feathers that can trigger an asthma attack or allergic reaction in people sensitive to allergens.  A general A/C system circulate these airborne particles around the home and worsen allergy symptoms and irritates asthmatic conditions.

What Can You Do?

Minimize contact with your animal by keeping animals outdoors or restricting pets to rooms with hard flooring, such as tile and wood.  Also, don’t allow pets on furniture, bedding, or any fibrous material that isn’t frequently laundered.  When petting or touching animals, hands should be washed thoroughly to avoid ingestion.

Bathe your pet.  Washing your pet frequently with allergen reducing shampoo is said to reduce animal allergen levels by 85%.  Suggested frequency is twice per week.

Keep a clean home.  Dust and vacuum frequently.  Clean the vacuum filter regularly and replace with a HEPA filter if possible to reduce allergens.  Clean pet bedding and cages often and move them to non-living areas within the house.

What Can One Hour West Pasco Do For You?

Install a hearty Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) system in your home with a thorough professional duct cleaning service to remove irritants that have accumulated within your system.  Additionally, take advantage of this month’s promotion of $100 off of the MicroPower Air Filter, top of its class allergen removal.

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