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As the remainder of the leaves drop from the tree, gradually our outside temperatures follow; and with the rise in your thermostat, comes the rise in energy costs.  However, certain proactive measures can greatly reduce your winter energy costs.  Below are simple things that you can do to ensure the most efficiency out of your system:

Change your filter.  Sometimes it’s just that simple. Change out or clean your reusable filter once a month to assist your unit in working at top level.  Set yourself a reminder to do this monthly or sign up for the One Hour Air text campaign to receive monthly reminders from your favorite local A/C company.

Upgrade your thermostat.  Outdated thermostats may inaccurately set temperature, exceeding your desired temp, and increasing energy costs.  Take advantage of all the technological advances in A/C systems.  Newer thermostats have a ton of features including WiFi capable, remote access applications allowing you to adjust your settings within or outside of your home.  They greatly reduce costs and you will be the envy of all your neighbors.

Inspect your heating ducts.  Inspecting your heating ducts annually ensure your system is working most effectively. Cleaning ducts free from debris provide fresh, clean air and much more efficient system.  Dented, punctured and bent ducts can release warm air, making the system work over time, in turn increasing energy costs.  Most people are more than capable of inspecting their heating ducts, however most A/C maintenance packages provide routine inspection from a qualified professional.

Keeping your home toasty does not have to come at a high cost.  Call your local One Hour Air today to find a customize maintenance package for you!