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It may surprise you to learn that the efficiency of your HVAC system is largely dependent on your ductwork. Proper airflow allows your system to cool your home evenly and helps keep utility costs down.

If you have hot or cold spots in your home, it’s a good indication of poor ductwork design. Here at Scott’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, we can actually redesign your entire system to help create even airflow.

We also have something called antimicrobial duct. It’s a duct board with antimicrobial particles that reduces a lot of bacteria growth, caused by poor design. We are high in pollutants in Florida, so the antimicrobial particles can really help.

Healthy ductwork can increase the life of your system, as well as its efficiency. Give Scott’s One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating a call, and we’ll be more than happy to come out to your home and analyze the health of your ductwork. The number to call is 813-676-9031.