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There is no substitute for professional HVAC maintenance, especially with Tampa’s hot summers. Help to keep your system healthy between service calls with these four DIY tasks. You’ll help to prevent heat pump repairs and extend the life of your HVAC:

Keep the Condensate Line Clear

This line drains out moisture that’s been removed from indoor air to reduce humidity. Over time, the line gets clogged with dirt, algae, and mildew. A clogged line can cause water to back up and overflow into your air conditioner. Prevent blockages by pouring a cup of bleach through the condensate line monthly.

Keep HVAC Filters Clean

Most filters need replacement every one to three months. Dirty or clogged filters obstruct airflow. That decreases energy efficiency and can damage your fan or compressor. Dirty filters can increase indoor air pollution and cause your AC’s cooling coils to freeze up. By keeping HVAC filters clean, you could save up to 15 percent on monthly energy costs.

Clear the Area Around the Outdoor Unit

Check the outdoor unit monthly for airflow obstructions. Cut back foliage and shrubs to at least three feet from the unit. Sweep away debris, leaves, branches, and trash. Gently rinse the unit with a garden hose and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Ensure that the unit is level on a concrete block.

Check Vents for Proper Airflow

Inspect all of the vents in your home. Make sure that heated or cooled air is flowing freely through all of them. Ensure that no household items are obstructing airflow.

The Tampa, Florida, HVAC specialists at Scott’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating can keep your heating and cooling equipment in a like-new condition. Call us at 813-882-4776 to learn more about our heat pump tune-ups and our heat pump maintenance plans.