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Living in Florida means depending on your air conditioner for most of the year and heating for a few weeks. You need reliable cooling, and that means you’ve probably at least considered investing in annual maintenance. In our experience, the single most common reason why people don’t make that investment is concern about the cost. We’re here to explain why a maintenance plan actually saves you money.

Maintenance Means Your Utility Bills Will Go Down

In most Florida homes, the air conditioner or heat pump is one of the biggest users of electricity. Keeping your house cool in the midst of the Florida heat takes a lot of electricity. However, maintenance helps to defray that cost by maximizing your air conditioner’s or heat pump’s energy efficiency. A professional maintenance technician will clear up any issues that could be harming efficiency and carefully calibrate your system for the most efficient possible cooling.

A Maintenance Plan Helps To Prevent Future Repairs

If you own a car, you understand this concept. You have regular oil changes and other maintenance done so that you won’t ruin your engine and have to pay for much more expensive repairs down the road. Air conditioner or heat pump maintenance is similar in this respect. By spending a little up front, you’ll prevent future repairs that could cost you significantly more.

The upshot of maintenance is that your system will last as long as possible. Air conditioners and heat pumps are meant to last a decade or more. They need to be maintained to actually get that full decade of use, though. That’s especially true here in Florida because the hot climate means air conditioners get a lot of use and thus endure a lot of wear and tear.

In short, a maintenance plan isn’t an unnecessary expense; it’s an investment in your heat pump or cooling system. To learn more about how HVAC maintenance can help you, check out our protection plans online or call 813-882-4776.