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With summer quickly approaching, people are looking for ways to reduce their air conditioning bills.  Here are seven simple ideas that can help you reduce your bill without a lot of effort on your part.

Maintenance.  The most important thing you can do to reduce costs is to make sure that your unit is running efficiently. Call a professional that specializes in AC services to inspect your unit.  This usually includes cleaning it out, ensuring the vents are clean and making sure it runs well.  If it is running inefficiently, the repairman might advise you to install a new air conditioner unit.  This can reduce costs for you in the long run, especially since newer units run on less electricity than older versions.

Don’t Make More Heat.  Make life easier in your home by reducing the use of things that produce a lot of heat.  Eliminate using your oven as much as possible and opt for the stove top, grill or microwave whenever possible.  Run the dishwasher only when it’s full.  When doing laundry, air dry clothes as much as possible.  For loads that have to be dried, try doing smaller loads so they dry faster.

All About The Thermostat.  Technology has come a long was since the rotary dial thermostats.  With apps and programmable versions, it’s easy to only cool your home when you need it.  During the day, if everyone is gone, it’s a waste of money to keep the house cool, but worth it to avoid a furnace when they come home.  A better option is to program your thermostat or turn on the air conditioner with your phone so that it is just getting cool as you arrive.

Don’t Use Ceiling Fans. Air conditioning units use more electricity than fans and many people opt to use their fans to cool the air in their home. However, this is counter-productive.  Your duct system helps circulate the air in your home and using a ceiling fan will cause uneven air flow which will create hot spots.

Naturally Cool Things Down. Openings in the home where you can help bring in air are doors and windows.  During the early and late hours of the day, and through the night, the air is cooler, so open windows during these times if they are not sun-facing and if the humidity level is lower.  It is also a great idea to plant trees, tall shrubs and other foliage that helps to shade windows and create a naturally cooler environment to reduce the heat entering the house.  On nice days, you can turn off your AC and turn the fan from AUTO to ON and open the window.   Please remember to turn the fan back to AUTO when you turn back on the AC.

Consider Your Coverings. When the sun is hitting glass doors and windows, it’s important to know that heat is coming through.  Blinds, shutters, drapers and even wire-mesh screens help reduce the amount of heat that pass into your home.  Window films are another option.  These metalized sheets are placed on the outside of your windows and reflect the heat.

Strategize Your Vents. While making sure all the vents in the house are wide open helps to circulate air, it can also cost more money if you aren’t using every room in your house.  If rooms are rarely used, keep the door closed and close the vent.  Some thermostats are programmable to control temperatures in individual rooms, doing this task for you.

For more ways to help cut your AC bill in the Lakeland and Tampa, Florida area, contact Scott’s One Hour Air today.