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Homes are sealed up tight in Florida to keep our energy bills down.  We don’t get a lot of natural air circulating in our homes, so indoor air quality is a big concern.  Scott’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating can help you address it.

UV Light

Air Handler with UV Light SystemAn air handler’s job is to circulate air throughout the house.  Installing a UV light inside will help kill viruses and sanitize germs in the home to keep the air quality as pure as possible.  Our UV systems are designed to be a low maintenance system, permanently installed in the unit to work around the clock.

Proper Filtration

We offer MicroPower Guard filters that will be your first step toward removing bacteria, dirt and dust from your HVAC system.  Our Electro Static Air purification (MPG) will eliminate particles smaller than 0.02 microns, anything larger will be statically charged so when it passes back through the system it collects other particles.

Antimicrobial Duct Work

Another option is antimicrobial ductwork, which helps reduce the amount of bacteria that develops within the airflow.  This will increase the life of your HVAC system.  Of course, we’ll design it properly so you get clean, free-flowing air with no hot spots.

Drain Pan Treatment

We have pan treatments that we can put in your air handler.  It helps break down algae by releases an organic chemical that eats away the algae in the drain system.  The algae is normally created by dirty filters and bacteria in the air stream.  As it runs, it also dehumidifies the house.

It’s always a good idea to have routine maintenance performed on your air conditioner, and while we’re out at your house, we can test your IAQ. You can also have us come out to perform a no-cost, no obligation inspection. Just give us a call at 813-882-4776 or complete an online appointment request.