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Heat pumps are an energy-efficient way to both heat and cool homes in moderate climates. They work by moving heat into a home in cooler weather and out of a home during warm weather. Because a heat pump installation moves heat rather than generating it, they can heat and cool a home for 25% less the cost of conventional heating and cooling. While heat pumps have been in common use since the 1970s, it’s the technological advances in the latest generation of heat pumps that are responsible for such drastic savings in energy bills.

Improved Motors

Modern heat pumps often come equipped with variable speed motors that offer a significant increase in energy efficiency over motors that run at the same speed all of the time. Variable speed motors constantly adjust airflow according to temperature and humidity within the home. For example, when temperatures begin to increase rapidly with the rising sun, variable speed motors will increase airflow to compensate. When the proper indoor temperature is achieved, they slow airflow to a rate that maintains that temperature. Because conventional blowers only run at one rate, they must constantly start and stop in order to maintain a specific temperature, and this wastes electricity.

Compressor Advancements

Conventional single-stage compressors waste energy in a manner similar to single-speed motors: They turn on and off repeatedly. A modern 2-stage compressor eliminates this problem. They run at a low setting for the vast majority of the time, and they shift to a higher setting only when temperatures are extremely high. By running almost continuously at a low setting, 2-stage compressors offer significant energy savings over the long run. And because it isn’t constantly turning off and on, the working life of the compressor is extended as well.

A modern heat pump installation can provide a homeowner with significant savings on energy bills. To learn more about energy-efficient heating and cooling, check out Scott’s One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating online or call 813-882-4776.