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When allergy season arrives in Tampa, Florida, you can keep you and your loved ones protected. Reducing allergy-causing pollutants like pollen and dust is essential in maintaining healthy indoor air quality (IAQ). Enjoy the spring and summer months using these tips to keep allergens outside and comfort inside in your home.

Replace Dirty Air Filters

Air filters help your HVAC system trap irritating air particles like pollen and stop them from entering your space. If left neglected over time, filters can develop a buildup of pollutants that will circulate throughout your home. Keep your air clean by regularly inspecting your air filters and changing them every two months or as recommended. Need help selecting the right filter? An HVAC professional can help you find quality air filters for your setup to improve air quality and the efficiency of your system.

Keep Your HVAC Units Clean

Ensuring your HVAC system remains clean is an effective way to prevent allergens from building up indoors. Clean any dust or debris around your outdoor and indoor air conditioning units to catch excess allergens before they circulate in your home. Also, inspect your air conditioner for allergens, which grows in humid, moist areas and can severely impact your HVAC system.

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Regular HVAC Maintenance

Protect your household from allergies with pre-season maintenance. Getting your HVAC system maintained by a service technician is a secure way to make sure your units run properly. A technician can check for any leaks, ensure your units are clean and keep your system blockage free so that healthy air can flow freely. Professional maintenance will also ensure your system is running efficiently without draining energy, saving you money on utility bills.

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