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Wi-Fi thermostats allow you to have control over your home’s heating and cooling system anytime and anywhere. These thermostats allow you to be on-the-go, save money and increase comfort in your home.

Control When Your AC Runs

Wi-Fi ThermostatYou don’t want your system constantly running if no one is home.  We suggest you set your thermostat at 72-75 degrees each night.  With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can change temperature when you wake up and again when you leave your home.  It definitely will help you save on the electric bill.  Why should you heat or cool a home fully when you are not home?

Control At Your Fingertips

If you forget to change the temperature before leaving for the day, you can change it by accessing it through an app on your phone.  You can also use it to program your system to run at certain times of the day. And, again, if you forget or change your plans, you can easily access and change the settings from your phone.

Know When Your AC Isn’t Working Properly

Another benefit of the Wi-Fi thermostat is that you will know when something is wrong with the system without being at home.  For example, your AC unit is supposed to be set at 76, but all of a sudden it’s at 85 degrees while you are away…you know something is wrong with your unit.  You can easily see from your phone what’s going with your home’s heating and cooling, allowing you to schedule an appointment before you get home.  This is a true time saver for many, plus who wants to come home and sit in a hot house until a service technician arrives?

If you’re interested in a Wi-Fi thermostat, just give us a call at 813-882-4776.  We can come out and see what’s compatible for you.  We have something that will fit in pretty much everyone’s budget.