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Scott’s One Hour Air provides air conditioning and heating services to Lakeland, Florida and the surrounding areas. Please see below for a complete list of service areas.

Lakeland, FL

Lakeland, Florida is well-known for its sunny skies, crowded beaches, and extreme winter temperatures. It is literally freezing cold in the winter months and unbearably hot during the summer. It is a well known fact that there is always a heater or an air conditioner in use in this county at any given time.

Needless to say, residents of this community and the surrounding areas need a reliable company to install and repair their home comfort machines – Scott’s one hour air conditioning and heating in Lakeland, Florida just happens to be that company.

Choosing the right technician is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the extended life of your heater or air conditioner. Fortunately, Scott’s technicians are the most skilled and highly recommended air conditioning repair personnel in the area. With more than twenty years experience in the field, each technician is qualified to install and repair any air conditioning unit on the market, including car air conditioning and portable air conditioning units.

Air Conditioning Services

Scott’s technicians have all been expertly trained and background-checked, so that any clientele they service can be assured of a safe and professional working environment. Whether you need to have your portable air conditioning unit serviced, your ductless air conditioning system maintained, or even your central air conditioning system cleaned, Scott’s air conditioning service in Lakeland, Florida has the right technician for the job.

Scott’s technicians are highly skilled in every aspect of installation and repair.

Duct Cleaning Services

Consultations, routine maintenance, and duct cleaning in Lakeland, Florida is also available through Scott’s air conditioning service. Duct cleaning and replacements of air filters is an important part of periodic maintenance of all air conditioning and heating units. Cleaning these helps to maintain quality air in you home and extends the life of your units.

Scott’s employees consult with each client, explaining what exactly is the problem with their unit and the steps that are needed to repair it. In this way, Scott’s provides a friendly, customer service-oriented approach to business, and ensures that no client will ever pay for a service he or she is unaware of or is unfamiliar with. While hidden fees and unexpected charges may be commonplace at other air conditioning companies, at Scott’s they simply don’t exist and that is what separates them from their competitors.

Aside from their exceptional customer service, Scott’s remains the Lakeland-area favorite due to its accessibility and affordable payment plans. Scott’s one hour air conditioning technicians work around the clock, 24 hours a day, to ensure quality service. Employees guarantee timely service, or your consultation appointment is free. Payment plans, discounts, and coupons are available options for clients who require flexible payment plans.

At any time, on any budget, and for any brand of home comfort machine,Scott’s provides the only service you will ever need.

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