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Land O’ Lakes, FL


Air conditioning service in Land O’ Lakes, Florida

A rural community, it is a common occurrence for the temperatures in Land O’ Lakes, Florida to soar up to the mid-eighties, even in the fall or winter months making it a hugely warm climate area. You’d be hard-pressed to find a home or business in the area that does not have a working air conditioning unit. You’d be even more hard-pressed to find a unit that wasn’t originally installed, maintained or is currently being serviced by Scott`s air conditioning service in Land O’ Lakes,Florida, the number one service provider of air conditioning and heating services in the area.

Land O’ Lakes citizens have been benefiting from the heating and cooling system services of Scott’s for a number of years. In this small area, word of mouth is what will make or break your business. Scott’s reputation speaks for itself.

Since its inception, Land O’ Lakes has depended on Scott’s one hour air conditioning and heating for for all of its routine maintenance, replacements, and air conditioning repair services. With Land O’ Lakes’ notoriously high humidity and frequent temperatures ranging in the 80s and 90s, there needs to be a service provider that they can count on and if you ask them, Scott’s one hour air conditioning and heating in Land O’ Lakes, Florida is the one they will choose most often.

One comment that has been used to describe Scott’s in the past ~ Scott’s has excellent customer service and they are extremely reliable. Scott’s technicians are not only skilled in electrical type units, they are also trained and experienced in customer service. This is what separates them from their competitors, the ability to deal with clients with ease.

Unlike other air conditioning companies, Scott`s will never make you wait for an appointment in the summer heat. It is comforting knowing there is someone like Scott`s nearby in an emergency situation.

Duct Cleaning

Scott’s air conditioning and heating center is also the leading expert in service prevention maintenance and duct cleaning – dirty air ducts are issues that can severely affect the health and comfort levels of your home. Routine duct cleaning helps ward off harmful contaminants such as, dust, or pet dandruff that are responsible for many allergic reactions.

Scott`s technicians work to improve home air quality, thus improving the lifestyle of every Land O’ Lakes citizen. Scott`s duct cleaning in Land O’ Lakes, Florida is not the only extra service that Scott`s offers to improve the quality of air in your home, they also offer air purifying services and scheduled routine maintenance services.

Whether it’s duct cleaning, routine maintenance, heating and air conditioning repair, or other air conditioning services, Scott’s air conditioning and heating has been the trusted name in the area for a number of years, restoring health and comfort to every citizen of Land O’ Lakes.

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