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HVAC Services in Lutz, FL

Have you or the people in your family been experiencing nausea, frequent headaches and burning feeling in the nose or eyes? Once the flu is ruled out as a possible cause, contact Scott’s One Hour Air. We send one of our home comfort experts to conduct a thorough inspection of your home to find any accumulation of mold in your ductwork or evidence of a carbon monoxide leak. In matters of health, procrastination is your biggest enemy. Our team is trained to identify the both obvious and subtle warning signs of an imminent heating or cooling system failure.

Air Conditioning and Heating in Lutz, FL

Do you have a cooling problem, big or small, turn to Scott’s One Hour Air, known for providing the best air conditioning service in Lutz, FL. After a complete inspection of your unit and adjoining duct system, our technician will be able to tell you the exact reason(s) for the reduction in your unit’s cooling output. The reason might simply be that your A/C unit was manufactured ten or more years ago. If this is the case, having a wide variety of energy saving options, may be the way to go. Whatever the choice you end up making, at least your final decision will be a well informed one. Contact us today. Our customer service representatives are looking forward to hearing from you.


Having a properly working heating system is a must during the cold season. So if a system break down does occur, call Scott’s One Hour Air. We’ll send over one of our experts in heating repairs and installation to solve your heat emergency as quickly as possible. The technician’s job is to ensure that your heating system is working at its unique peak performance. In the case of a heat pump, if a repair leads to less energy being consumed on a monthly basis, then lower monthly energy bills are expected to eventually follow. Let our certified technician explain how it’s possible to get more for less.

Indoor Air Quality

Why should you consider purchasing air cleaning products? According the EPA, indoor pollution levels are 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels. Your respiratory health and/or the health of your family members need your full and undivided attention. Enlist the help of Scott’s One Hour Air for the best air cleaning products on the market, some of which include: air cleaners, air purifiers, air filters, UV lights, humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Talk to one of our home comfort experts and find out more about our air cleaning products, as they’ll be your first line of defense against harmful airborne irritants that find their way into your home.

Duct Cleaning Services

Another measure that may be taken to improve the air quality in your home is to have your duct system cleaned. This step becomes even more necessary if you’ve had a recent mold, insect or vermin infestation. Scott’s One Hour Air has technicians that are trained in the art of duct cleaning. Not only are we qualified to inspect your ductwork but also the other major components of your heating or cooling system, which includes the registers, heat exchangers, heating or cooling coils, drip pans and air handling.

Let Scott’s One Hour Air assess the health risk posed by your duct system. We are undoubtedly number one at duct cleaning in Lutz, FL., so contact us today!

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