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HVAC Services in Palm River-Clair Mel, FL

When the temperature outside makes the indoors an uncomfortable place to be for you and the ones you love, that’s the time your heating or cooling system should be working at its best. However, if your system has not been receiving its yearly tune ups, small mechanical problems can lead to a big expense later on. Give Scott’s One Hour Air a call and make an appointment today.

Don’t wait for your equipment to fail completely, especially at a time you need it the most, during a heat wave or record freezing temperatures. Whatever your air conditioning unit or heat pump is saying, Scott’s home comfort experts are equipped to quickly and reliably provide solutions that can prolong the life of your unit.

Air conditioning and Heating in Palm River-Clair Mel, FL

Has your cooling equipment suddenly malfunctioned or stopped working? Do you have an emergency plan for such an incident? No? Well, if you decide to formulate a plan, consider making Scott’s air conditioning service in Palm River-Clair Mel, FL. a major part of the solution. Our technicians are experts in the following AC service areas:

  • load analysis – unit sizing estimation
  • repairs (refrigerant leaks, thermostat, indoor and outside components)
  • installation of cooling unit
  • preventative maintenance program

Make your request for assistance and a qualified technician will be sent over right away.


Just as inconvenient as an A/C unit blow out would be losing your heating capacity in the middle of the cold season. Why run around like a headless chicken looking for a heating system professional? Scott’s One Hour Air awaiting your call and offers you heating services that include: heat pump and thermostat repairs, solar panel and heater repairs and equipment installation to mention a few. Let us diagnose the problem(s) and take your heating system to a higher level of efficiency.

Also, allow our technician on your house visit to conduct a free carbon monoxide test. Scott’s One Hour Air has one overriding priority and that is keeping our customers safe.

Air Cleaning Products

Are you planning to purchase air cleaning products? With indoor pollution levels, according the EPA, being 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels, the reason is clear. Many heating or cooling unit owners are concerned about respiratory complications. Ask Scott’s One Hour Air about its line of cleaning products which include: air purifiers, air cleaners, air filters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and UV lights.

For more details about how to get rid of harmful airborne irritants contact a Scott’s Customer Service Representative.

Duct Cleaning

Having your ductwork routinely cleaned is another way to improve a home’s indoor air quality. Your duct system may be a significant source of poor air quality especially if you’ve had a history of insects, vermin or mold infestation. Scott’s One Hour Air has technicians qualified to check your ductwork and corresponding components of your unit.

Allow Scott’s One Hour Air to assess risk posed by your duct system to the health of your home’s occupants including yourself. Don’t hesitate to call the Scott’s team that is rated the best at duct cleaning in Palm River-Clair Mel, FL.!

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