Pasco County

Scott’s One Hour Air provides air conditioning and heating services to southern Pasco County and the surrounding areas.

Pasco County

At One Hour Air, we can provide the effective HVAC services you need to handle the ongoing heat and humidity of Pasco County. We are always on call and have skilled, experienced technicians who can get your air conditioning back up and running in no time.

Most of Florida gets to deal with year-round high temperatures, and that means using the AC for thousands of hours annually. It can easily wear out the equipment, making it less efficient and more costly to use. But if keep it maintained and in good condition, it can last much longer while consuming less energy.

Our specialists are trained to service any make and model of air conditioner, and we keep a full stock of replacement parts on hand so you don’t have to wait for an order. (And in those rare instances where you need a special part we don’t have, we’ll work to get it shipped as fast as possible.)

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Don’t wait to get your air conditioning serviced, repaired, or replaced. The temperatures are just going to keep going up, and the sooner you contact us, the more comfortable your home will be. You can call us anytime to set up an appointment at 813-563-4551.




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