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HVAC Services in Seffner, FL

If you live in Seffner, FL you can rest assured that your heating and air conditioning systems are in good hands with Scott’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. Our technicians receive constant training in the HVAC field and they take pride in maintaining their outstanding reputation for providing you with the highest level of quality care and service in your home. From annual maintenance programs, to custom estimating and installation, to emergency heater or AC repairs, Scott’s has the experience and know how to provide exceptional quality at a reasonable price.
Give us a call if you have any concerns about how your system is currently functioning.

Air Conditioning and Heating in Seffner, FL

If you are facing a home cooling problem of any type, consider turning to Scott’s One Hour Air for his premium air conditioning service in Seffner, FL. Are you looking to replace an old system with a modern high—efficiency system? We offer a wide variety of money and energy saving options. For customers who are satisfied with their current air conditioning system, our highly trained technicians can perform any type of maintenance necessary to keep your unit running as efficiently as possible, to ensure safe use and long equipment life.

For those who aren’t using a modern AC system, or haven’t kept up with maintenance, or some other extenuating circumstance causes cooling system problems, Scott’s One Hour Air Conditioning is your go—to company for air conditioner repair. If it’s a brutally hot day and your air conditioner dies on you, don’t sweat it — give us a call!

Heating Services

Everybody deserves a warm, comfortable and safe home. If your home heating system should break down or no longer works properly, it is important to have a company you can trust to perform the heating repair services you need quickly, reliably and affordably. When you need heating repair in Seffner, FL, call Scott’s One Hour Heating and we’ll right over!

Our expert heating repair technicians can take care of any heat emergency you may have. They’ll make sure that your heating system is functioning properly and is running at peak efficiency. Our heating repair expertise includes all makes and models heaters, boilers and furnaces; oil, gas, propane, geothermal or electric. It doesn’t matter if your system is old or new, if you are looking for routine maintenance or if you’re in need of a major heating repair; Scott’s One Hour Heating & Air is here to help.

Scott’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning provides an increasing number of homeowners in Seffner, FL with expert heating service. Whether you’re in need of routine heating maintenance, emergency heating repairs or heating system replacement, Scott’s has the experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time and as quickly as possible.

Indoor Air Quality and Air Cleaning Products

Nothing is as important as ensuring your family’s safety at home, which is why you installed the best windows, doors, locks and alarm systems. But not all threats come from the outside. Threats to your health will more than likely come from inside your home. Scott’s One Hour Air is here to make sure the quality of the air in your home is maximized for your family’s health and quality of life.

Whether you’re aware of them or not, pollutants are floating all around inside your home at this very moment. There will always be allergens like dust and other particles that find their way in to your home’s air, no matter how hard and often you clean. The effects of these items in your home will vary depending on individual allergy issues or particle sensitivities, but one thing is certain — the fewer irritants in the air, the better.

Call Scott’s today if you’d like to improve the indoor air quality in your home. We offer a number of different products to help you breathe healthier air including air cleaners, air filters, air purifiers and humidifiers that can virtually eliminate these threats to your quality of life. Even if you’re not sure what type of device best suits your home and situation, our expert technicians can advise you to assist you in making an informed decision.

Duct Cleaning Services

Also, with the aim of improving indoor air quality, Scott’s One Hour Air provides duct cleaning in Seffner, FL. Your home’s ducts are a critically important part of your heating and cooling system’s air filtration system, even though you may never see them. Because ductwork is usually out of sight, it can easily be neglected. Since ducts don’t get as much attention as other components of your HVAC system, most people don’t realize that they should be cleaned often. Among other things, pollen from outside as well as dust from dead skin and pets inside can build up inside the ductwork, which means when air blows through it, these irritants find their way into the air you breathe.

It’s recommended that your ducts be cleaned, especially when your home is known for certain issues. It’s particularly important to have your ducts cleaned if you’ve recently had an infestation of rodents or insects, or if your home simply has a history of mold. Scott’s One Hour Air’s duct cleaning services are available to all residents of Seffner, FL, so give us a call today!

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