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It is a well known fact that heating and air conditioning systems that do not perform at maximum efficiency can increase your electricity bills and waste valuable energy. This often happens as a result of improperly maintained units which force the unit to work harder than it needs to in order to produce results. When an air conditioning unit works harder, it produces more power. Increased use of force to power your units results in the waste of electricity and can cost you considerably. If your units are not functioning properly it is not only wasting you money, its also not environmentally friendly and can in fact be harmful for your family if pollutants are forced into your air.

Air Conditioning and Heating in St. Petersburg, FL

Units that work too hard usually have reason for doing so and quite often the reason is as simple as a dirty duct or small broken or loose part. Ignoring the problem will not save you money. If the unit breaks, you may need to replace the entire unit instead of the small part that originally caused the problem. Many people think they should wait to schedule a repair to save money, in fact, it is the opposite. If you call when a problem first occurs, you are more likely to stop a major problem from occurring as a result of this issue.

If you are not getting the desired results you are looking from your unit or think you it may not be working properly, you should consider giving Scott’s air conditioning service in St. Petersburg, Florida a call. Having a unit that is not functioning properly is pointless and is wasting money and energy.

Scott’s technician’s are available whenever you call and will go that extra mile to explain to you what issues you may be having with your units and how you can fix them. Scott’s technician’s can even be at your home or office within an hour if the situation is deemed to be an emergency. The technician’s on the phone will advise you if they are concerned, no need to worry.

The technicians at Scott’s air conditioning and heating in St. Petersburg, Florida do more than just provide repair and replacement services for air conditioners, they offer customers viable updated solutions for maintaining and improving their heating and cooling system. Keeping up with what is new in the field is something that Scot’s technician’s are proud of. As a result of constant training, they are able to offer updated system solutions to clients looking for improvements or upgrades. Keeping up with technology is important in this fast paced society and Scott’s has that covered.

Duct Cleaning Services

There is nothing more important that providing your family with pure clean air to breathe. Scott’s technicians can help you with this by providing you with services to clean air humidifiers, filters and purifiers that remove dirt and microbes and by offering you other prevention and maintenance services.

Having the most advanced air conditioners and heating systems is not enough protection for your family if the air ducts in your home and office are not cleaned on a regular basis. Not only will they reduce the indoor air quality, they can also lead to clogged air filters and even the most expensive units can fall prey to this and begin to malfunction. What is the point of having quality equipment if it is not taken care of?

Prevention is the reason that duct cleaning in St. Petersburg, Florida is one of the most popular services that Scott’s provides to its customers. Residents here know that a properly functioning unit is worth its weight in gold.

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