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Scott’s One Hour “System Rejuvenation”

No breakdown…GUARANTEED.

Man crossed arm upper body image with quoteLet us clean and recalibrate your entire system BACK to its factory fresh specifications, and I GUARANTEE it won’t break down over the next six months, or we come back and REPAIR IT FOR FREE!

Hi I’m Scott, proud owner and proud to present to you good folks our new

$129 Complete System Rejuvenation MIRACLE!

When was the last time you had your furnace and A/C fully cleaned, recalibrated and most importantly, Safety Checked? Well, today’s your lucky day, because this isn’t a common “Tune Up.” It’s a 77 POINT complete system rejuvenation!

Here’s the deal:


Did you know that most of the damage to your furnace happens over the summer? It’s because condensation from your running A/C slowly rusts out your furnace components. Left unchecked, it poses a very real danger.

The Two Most Common Ways Carbon Monoxide Seeps into your Home:

  1. Cracked Heat Exchanger – Heat exchangers wear out, like tires on a car. Eventually a crack or hole emerges, allowing carbon monoxide gas to seep directly into your air ducts.
  2. Obstructed Flue Exhaust – Your furnace flue allows carbon monoxide to safely vent out of your home. If it gets clogged or the carbon monoxide is pushed back into the furnace where it is picked up by the blower and distributed throughout your home.

But we’ll guarantee your furnace “Family Safe” after we

  • test ALL of your safety sensors
  • inspect all your lines for cracks and all components for rust and wear
  • perform a total cleaning inside and out
  • complete several dozen other “fine tooth comb” checks and adjustments to make your furnace run like new again.


Your home will cool quicker and your A/C unit will use a LOT less energy doing it after we clean all the baked-on plaque from your coils with a special, environmentally-friendly cleaning solvent. (That plaque is formed from dust and moisture as they pass through your oven-hot A/C coils. This baked-on plaque acts like insulation, trapping the heat in your coils and making your air conditioner have to run longer to cool your home.)

We also

  • check and adjust the airflow across the evaporator core to make sure your compressor isn’t operating under extra stress.
  • test the 240-volt contactor to make sure your compressor’s gettin’ the right juice!
  • test your capacitor to make sure it’s delivering the full “kick” to your motor.
  • check your thermostat to make sure it’s sending all the correct signals to your unit. (Thermostats can cause a LOT of problems.)
  • along with another 29 point checks, inspections and adjustments!

Trust me, you WILL feel the difference when your system is humming again at its full power and top efficiency. Let us do this, for YOU.

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