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Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell with certifies Scott’s One Hour Air as the best & most trustworthy AC contractor in the Tampa Bay area.

Every day you’re faced with complicated economic choices.  Hundreds of companies offer thousands of products and services and each claim to be the best. Generally, we all strive to make choices based on the following factors: price, quality and customer service. The problem is, the process becomes complicated or “muddied” when businesses use hype, short-term incentives, or even misrepresentation to “close the sale.” That’s where nearly 30 years of investigative experience goes to work for you.

The 7-Point Investigative Process

I’ve developed a 7-Point Review for potential TrustDale vendors. My team calls it “the wringer.” The exact components are proprietary, but include well-known consumer resources, some hard to find resources, a search of court records and a personal interview with the business owner. The 7-Points vary slightly from product to product and service to service, but are designed to give you maximum peace of mind when you follow a TrustDale recommendation.

Finding the Best Businesses While Saving You Time and Money

I review the credibility and track record of the companies competing for your business. I save you hours, days and in some cases, even months of worry.  I use my investigative process to take scams and disreputable vendors out of the picture. Then, I recommend the products and services of reputable companies – companies that meet high customer service standards and work every day to earn your business. You’ll find a wide variety of businesses that include plumbers, roofers, electricians, heating & air, cleaners, attorneys and doctors.

Sometimes, you may want the cheapest product. (Cellular phones and service plans are a good example.) In such cases, I’ll tell you when a product is the cheapest.  I’ll also tell you when a product is not necessarily the cheapest, but the best.

Most of the time, I’ll concentrate on serious products with long-term implications. I’ll identify the components of each company’s product and service, boil each down to its “salt,” and tell you why I’ve judged one to be superior.