Ultraviolet Germicidal Light Cleaning

Newer homes have excellent air sealing that keeps conditioned air inside to improve your heating and air conditioning system’s energy efficiency. Unfortunately airtight homes also trap mold, bacteria and viruses that can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Ultraviolet germicidal light (UV light) duct cleaning can keep your family healthy while remaining satisfied with the performance of the home comfort system. We have experienced technicians that will help you decide if UV light cleaning is right for your system and then install the device.

UV lights are mounted inside heating and air conditioning systems near the indoor coil where the bacteria may grow. The light’s ultraviolet rays destroy any microbial growth, leaving a clean indoor coil and fresher, healthier air circulating in your home.

Other benefits of Scott’s One Hour Air’s ultraviolet light air cleaners are:

  • Improvements in heating and cooling system efficiency
  • Money saved due to improved efficiency
  • Indoor air quality improvements
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Reduction in equipment maintenance
  • Foul odor elimination

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