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University, FL

Did you know that Scott’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning provides the best air conditioning service in University, FL.? With trained and qualified HVAC technicians, our customers’ comment that they’ve experienced only the best in customer care and service. A few of Scott’s high quality services include: custom sizing estimation and installation, annual maintenance programs and emergency heater or AC repairs. Interested but cash strapped at the moment, don’t worry. Scott’s has the know how to get you exactly what you need at a price you can afford. Call our office and start making a difference in your home’s level of comfort, today.

Air Conditioning and Heating in University, FL

Having cooling issues? Scott’s air conditioning specialists have the most technologically advanced solutions available in the industry at their disposal. Or are you looking to replace your current air conditioning unit for a more energy efficient option? You’ve definitely come to the right place. Scott’s one stop distribution center has all the popular brands and models you need, with financing available. Also consider taking advantage of our comprehensive, detail oriented annual tune up programs. Not only does Scott’s air conditioning distribute all the top brands and models but we also have the expertise to service and maintain any brand or model currently on the market. Why wait? Scott’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning believes prevention is better than cure. Allow our team to take the necessary steps in prolonging the life of your cooling equipment.

Heating Services

In need of fast and reliable heating repairs? Scott’s One Hour Heating is determined to keep our loyal customers warm. Should your heating system break down, remember our emergency hotline is live 24/7. We trained to quickly diagnose and treat an extensive range of possible heating problems. Our expert technicians won’t be deterred by the brand or model of your heating unit or with whether your heater, boiler and furnace run on gas, oil and propane or are powered by either geothermal or electric energy. It’s safe to say that your heating component is in good hands.

From preventative heating care to a complete heat system overhaul, Scott’s One Hour Heating & Air are a highly motivated team that is determined to serve our customers heating needs expeditiously.

Air Cleaning Products

With better sealed and insulated homes being constructed, usually with heating and air conditioning in mind, more harmful pollutants such as dust, bacteria and viruses are ending up indoors with as much as 4-5 times the outdoor levels, according to the EPA.

Keep your family safe by ensuring the quality of the air being circulated through your home is clean. How can you be sure? Scott’s One Hour Heating & Air stays on the cutting edge of HVAC advancements, especially those pertaining to the welfare of our customers. Ask our experts about the following air cleaning products:

  • Air Cleaners
  • Air Filters
  • Air Purifiers
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers

Considering the amount of time the average person spends indoors, air quality improvement is too important of an issue to ignore. Call us today, and find out which options are best for your home.

Duct Cleaning Services

Maintaining your home’s duct system is important for both the life of your air conditioner and the occupants in the home. Make an appointment with a certified technician to have them cleaned. Though, a major reason for such an intervention would be to create sufficient clearance for air to flow freely, another more pressing reason would be to prevent harmful irritants from being blown into the various rooms in your house.

It’s recommended that you take the initiative to have your ducts cleaned especially if your home has had a previous problem with mold. Scott’s One Hour Air is proud to say that we provide duct cleaning in University, FL. that is second to none. Speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives to learn more about the services we offer.

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