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Westchase, FL

During the hottest and coldest days of the year, homeowners depend heavily on their cooling or heating system to maintain a comfortable indoor room temperature. As you can expect, the extra cooling or heating output of your system can put a lot of strain on it. Why wait for a major malfunction to occur? Save yourself costly repairs.

Call Scott’s One Hour Air and receive the best in preventative maintenance for your air conditioning unit or heating system.

Air Conditioning and Heating in Westchase, FL

Are you facing home cooling problems of any sort? Turn to the number one air conditioning service in Westchase, FL. If you are looking to replace your current system for a more efficient A/C unit, we have great selection of energy saving bands and models to choose from. For A/C owners who are happy with the cooling system they have, our qualified technicians can keep your unit working as efficiently as it did after installation. By agreeing to preventative maintenance, you’ve extended the of your equipment.

Remember, if the day is brutally hot and your A/C unit dies, give us a call!

Heating Services

Everybody deserves a home that is warm, comfortable and safe. Yet, things happen and one day you could find yourself without a working heating system. For such an occasion, you need to have a company you can trust. Scott’s One Hour Air is known for performing quick, reliable and affordable heating repair services. Our technicians are trained to handle any type heat emergency with regards to any brand or model of heater, furnace or boiler, whether propane, oil, gas, electric or geothermal powered. From routine maintenance to major heating repairs, Scott’s One Hour Air is here to help.

Indoor Air Quality

Many heating or cooling system owners have taken the EPA’s announcement of higher indoor pollution levels seriously and have begun to purchase air cleaning products that can work along with their unit to improve their home’s air quality. When you consider the amount of time the average person spends indoors, the EPA findings of pollution levels being 2-5 times higher than levels outdoors becomes quite significant. Since the report even more research has gone into improving a home’s indoor air quality. A few of these products include: air cleaners, air purifiers, air filters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and UV lights.

Call Scott’s One Hour Air today, and let’s work together in solving airborne irritant problem. Your family will thank you.

Duct Cleaning Services

Ducts, though usually kept out of sight, need regular attention as they are known for collecting debris and been home to rodents. Not only is your heating or cooling system’s efficiency compromised but the health of ailing occupants is jeopardized. Imagine having your respiratory illness aggravated whenever your unit is running as irritants are transferred throughout the home via the duct system.

Allow Scott’s expert technician to determine whether or not your duct system actually is in need of cleaning. For the record, we only provide duct cleaning in Westchase, FL., for those systems that need to be cleaned!

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